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CISCO Cyber Report 2018 - Executive Summary - StegoSOC’s Take

By Balaji Kannaiyan May 23, 2018  

CISCO Cyber report is one report we eagerly wait to get hands on to see what the trends are in cyber security and how enterprise are coping with it. This year report, as usual, throws amazing light on what is happened around the world.

Executive summary captures lot of insights and opens with a beautiful quote

“What if defenders could see the future?”

and goes on to say

“The fact is, defenders can see what’s on the horizon. Many clues are out there—and obvious.”

Reports states that biggest challenges that enterprise are facing today are:

  1. Adversaries are taking malware to unprecedented levels of sophistication and impact.
  2. Adversaries are becoming more adept at evasion— and weaponizing cloud services and other technology used for legitimate purposes
  3. Adversaries are exploiting undefended gaps in security, many of which stem from the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and use of cloud services.

Report suggests few recommendations for defenders 

Implementing first-line-of-defense tools that can scale, like cloud security platforms.

Adopting next-generation endpoint process monitoring tools.

Accessing timely, accurate threat intelligence data and processes that allow for that data to be incorporated into security monitoring and eventing.

Performing deeper and more advanced analytics.

Reviewing and practicing security response procedures.

Conducting security scanning of microservice, cloud service, and application administration systems.

Most importantly, report recommends - defenders should also consider adopting advanced security technologies that include machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Report can be downloaded here:

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