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Eight Laws of NxtGen SaaS

By Balaji Kannaiyan July 19, 2018  

Law #1: Delivers a service that can be metered.

The best business models in this space take advantage of this by selling a service that scales up or downand has hooks into the product to measure volume as it increases (or decreases).

Law #2: Grows with the business.

This rule runs in parallel with the first; as a customer’s business grows, complexities are multiplied. Does SaaS platform go with it. If not it is not NxtGen SaaS platform.

Law #3: Replaces something that companies already pay for.

 By replacing other products and established budget lines, business can justify the cost more easily as it grows. If the end-user can save money using such a platform, even better.

Law #4: Offers an amazing user experience 

Enterprise products are notorious for their lack of attention to the experience of the user. However, the modern crop of successful startups are heavily focused on consumer-grade design; this is a differentiator.

Law #5: Receives tons of explicit developer love.

Developers don’t love your platform. It is as good as dead platform. Now ask yourself how many ops, secops product that developers don’t love. Should you continute those products?

Law #6: Exhibits strong network effects.

Cloud delivery provides a mechanism to enable strong network effects for software companiesnot typically a type of technology company one associates with network effects. Enterprises can benefit from the collective action of the crowd in a great many ways beyond typical economies of scale given the buying power that comes with high volume.

Law #7: Eliminates the need for non-core skillsets that no one enjoys.

The best strategy is to identify areas of development that can consume large amounts of time but where building better technology doesn’t deliver a core benefit to the organization. For example, building incident resolution software and connections to the hundreds of different core systems in the enterprise to help the operations team better address problems generally is not a core skillset of the operations team.

Law #8: Democratizes development.

As a result of the modern developer platform outlined here, we will have an order of magnitude greater impact on the ecosystem in terms of the creativity and product velocity that is unleashed. This space is still young and a lot of change is ahead.

StegoSOC NxtGen SaaS Platform for cloud security operations imbibes all these eight laws that will add tremendous value to your enterprise. 

Balaji Kannaiyan

As a rule we attempt what seems impossible.

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