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How Gmail can be accessed in Confidential Mode

By Balaji Kannaiyan May 15, 2018  

Your GMail comes with confidential mode ?

Do you know that. This how it works.

When Alice sends a mail to Bob; Alice thinks that only Bob is going to read it. In the internet that is not true. Anyone can read Alice mail - if they can use few tools to get hold of that mail.


Now Gmail has solved that problem by giving you a confidential mode.

This is how it works: You can add 2FA - Two-factor authentication to every message that you can send. The receiver, Bob, has to enter his 2FA code that he receives on his phone to read this mail. How cool is that.


Gmail Confidential mode


Not only that - when you send a message you can set a self-destructing option. What this means is - this mail will be available for only the set time limit. After that it will get deleted. This is not simple undo feature or recall features that existed in previous mail. It truly deletes your mail for ever. That is it. End-of-life for that message.

These two options are revolutionary from privacy point to view. 91% of hacking starts with email.

Email security

Safe email is one thing. Safe internet is completely different beast. Safe internet is more important for enterprises. That is still a long way. StegoSOC security monitoring capabilities with artificial intelligence can stop bad guys trying to get into your organization. There are more than 1000 ways they can get in. We are watching all the those 1000 ways and help enterprises to stop them from getting a foothold in your enterprise on the cloud.


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